Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tensions rise inside the Coalition over energy policy

Senior cabinet ministers have offered sharply different public positions over the future of new coal in Australia, as tensions inside the Coalition deepen over energy and climate policy.
Treasurer Scott Morrison rejected calls for the government
to build a new coal-fired power station.
As the Turnbull government applied new pressure on energy giant AGL to keep its ageing Liddell coal-fired power station open beyond its planned closure date, a “ginger group” of Coalition MPs ramped up demands for direct federal investment in a new coal-fired power station, claiming the intervention would lower power bills and plug a potential supply shortfall.

The so-called Monash Forum has caused friction inside the government, with ministers arguing privately the real aim of disgruntled MPs like Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and Eric Abetz was to undermine Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s authority as he seeks the agreement of the states and territories for his National Energy Guarantee.

Read Mark Kenny’s story from The Age - “Tensions rise inside the Coalition over energy policy.”

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